30 before 30

As I am about to turn 30 I have created a list of all the things I would like to do before the dreaded day. You can keep up to date with my progress (or lack of it) here, as I check them off the list as I do them and link to any related posts.

30 before 30 - The list...
1. Raise money for charity
2. Teach Violet to swim
3. Learn to reupholster a chair
4. Grow my hair
5. Loose 1 stone
6. Take up a regular exercise class
7. Take more family photos
8. Have a full body massage
9. Loose another stone
10. Reach 150 GFC followers
11. Go to a festival
12. Get my manky foot sorted (yuck) (ish)
13. Learn how to cook a curry
14. Host a dinner party
15. Create a blog button
16. Learn basic HTML coding
17. Buy a blog domain
18. Wear matching underwear everyday
19. Do something that scares me
20. Go for afternoon tea at a swanky hotel
21. Visit Paris
22. See the Eifel Tower
23. Get lost in Sephora
24. Have more 'family time'
25. Buy something from Tiffany's
26. Have my picture taken with a 'celeb'
27. Learn to like fish (as in eating it) (sort of, I had a salmon fishcake and liked it)
28. Have my name mentioned in a newspaper (in a non-serial killer way)
29. Own a designer handbag, preferably Chanel/Mulberry/Marc Jacobs
30. Stay happy :-)

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