Monday, 17 February 2014

Mani Monday - kids edition

As many of you will know I have two little loves that are as girly and nail polish obsessed as me! It has got to the point now where I can't do my nails in front of them as they always want theirs doing too, it's not that I mind them wearing it I just don't think it's great for their nails to wear it all the time and definitely not for school.

So I was delighted when I was contacted by a company called Safe-Nails to try their child friendly, non-toxic nail polishes. Their products are completely chemical free, they're water based so they wash off easily and great news for mums with little girls who like to do their own nails they're stain free too!

I received two nail colours (both my girls favourites), a soft nail file, nail wipes and a pretty little gift bag. I thought the bottles were really cute and girly and my girls liked them because they looked like my Ciate polishes with the little bows. Although I get why they've called the brand 'Snails' (Safe-Nails) and the little snail on the pack is cute, I do think it is an odd choice for a little girls nail product. I don't really know any little girls who think snails are cute, the word that most comes to mind when they think of snail is 'yucky'. 

Glitter Bomb
Purple Comet
The Glitter Bomb has a pretty shimmer to it and Purple Comet was really pigmented and only needed one coat to get a great colour pay off.

The great thing about these nail polishes is that because they are chemical free there are no nasty smells when applying them, they also dry really quickly so you don't have to worry about them getting it everywhere. I love the idea that they're washable too and it comes off really easily with the wet wipes that came with the set, although it came off just as easily with a little bit of soap and water. In fact maybe too easily, as shortly after we had applied the polish my little girl went to the loo and like the good girl she is washed her hands and the polish came off. I can't say she was too happy about this and I had to reapply the polish. The information I was sent does say to use the top coat for a longer lasting finish but it wasn't included in my pack, I would recommend getting the top coat when buying any of these products. 

As you can see Snails come in lots of lovely bright colours and you can also get nail art markers which are available in 10 different colours. Snails don't currently have distribution in the UK but you can buy online at their website, the set I received is €16 and the individual polishes are €8 which I think is great value and would make the ideal gift for any little girl. 

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