Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Best invention ever? I think so...

Ok so today's post is a little bit of an odd one, I'm not usually one to rave about techy things as I know precisely zero about anything slightly technological. But I am loving this particular piece of kit so much at the moment I couldn't not tell  you all about it. 

So this little box (and my new best friend) is Apple TV, it's not a new thing and all you techies will probably know all about it, but for those of you like me who can just about manage a phone you might find this interesting.

Basically this little box of wonder turns your ordinary (HDMI ready) TV into a smart TV, without you having to spend a fortune. It costs around £100 and enables you to stream things such as films, music and even photos from your iPad, MAC or iPhone onto the big screen. Not only that but it comes enabled with Netflix and You Tube along with a load of other sports type things, and you can download stuff from iTunes straight to your TV and then they are stored in your Cloud the same as usual. 

The quality is absolutely fantastic, there is no buffering and it's just like watching a programme on Sky or Virgin (other digital networks are available). You might think it sounds daft me mentioning this but I can tell you now, I have watched You Tube on some so called smart TV's and the quality is shocking you'd be better off watching in on the PC with dial up. With Apple TV you wouldn't even know that you weren't just watching regular TV. My little girl is obsessed with You Tube and she was ecstatic when we said she could watch her videos on the TV, she has now decided she wants to be a You Tube 'sensation' (her words) so watch out the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr there's a feisty 6 year old hot on your heels! 

Since having Apple TV I have become obsessed with Netflix, I signed up to it when it first came out but cancelled after the free trial as there was very little of interest on there. It seems to be much better now and my new favourite programme is Orange is the New Black, we've also been trying to get into House of Cards. If you have a Netflix account and haven't picked up on these shows yet I  recommend you do, they're fab!

As I said I am by no means an expert in these things and I know there is probably so much more to say about Apple TV but I just wanted to draw your attention to what I think is the best invention EVER! Seriously whether you are or aren't a gadget lover you need this in your life so go check it out, plus as Vicki from Lets Talk Beauty said, it also has a cute remote :-) 

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