Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Phil Smith Hello Moisture Review

Since having my hair onbre'd I have noticed that the ends of my hair have gone really dry. This time round I have gone much lighter on the ends and I have definitely noticed the difference in the damage it is doing. I was so paranoid at first I didn't want to brush my hair, I kept having visions of it just breaking off half way down. 

I have started to try lots of different moisturising products to try and repair the damage, one of which is the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Hello Moisture Intensive Conditioning Treatment* (phew). 

This was another product that was gifted to me in the Pure Beauty Awards goody bag, I'm not a huge fan of 'celebrity' products as I don't think they are ever any good and they certainly aren't 'salon quality'. 

The instructions say to wash your hair using your favourite Phil Smith Shampoo (obvs) then put this conditioning treatment on and for best results leave for 15 minutes. I just used my usual shampoo and then added the conditioner and left for the full 15 minutes, hoping that my hair would be silky smooth when I washed it off. 

My first impressions of this conditioner were that sadly it had not done anything for my hair :( After 15 minutes I didn't feel that this product had done what I had expected it to do, usually when you use a conditioning treatment it feels really soft at first and then maybe the effects wear off. I didn't feel that initial softness there was just nothing, but after a day or so I can say that my hair definitely looks and feels in better condition. The ends aren't as dry and the colour looks really smooth, where as before the ends were a bit all over the place so the colour looked quite dull. I can now run my fingers through the length of my hair without them getting stuck half way down because of all the dry ends and tangles they caused. One other thing it did was make the roots of my hair look shinier on day two than it usually does.

I was all geared up to post a fairly negative review of this product, but I think it one of those products that needs time to work its magic. I would recommend this product if you have slightly damaged hair but maybe not severely damaged.  I still really doubt whether Phil Smith is using this on any of his 'celebrity' clients but I don't actually think it is a half bad conditioning treatment for £3.99. I think the Phil Smith range is exclusive to Sainsbury's so if you do your regular shop in there it maybe worth just stopping and taking a look at the Phil Smith range.

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