Saturday, 2 November 2013

Collective MAC Haul

I know how you guys all love a good haul, even though they aren't my favourite thing to right I do absolutely love having a nosy at what other people buy in their hauls. 

Now when it comes to MAC I have never really understood the obsession, yes their Studio Finish concealer is good but I never really felt it was worth all the hype. I now realise this is because I have been fixating on their foundations, determined to find one that's just right alas to no avail. However that has all changed since I discovered their lipsticks and eyeshadows! 

I don't know why I have been wasting my time trying to make myself love MAC foundations when all I had to do was move to the next station in Selfridges to find the perfect MAC products.

So I went from not owning any of the much talked about MAC lipsticks to owning 4, and I can tell you now I wont be stopping there! I opted for Creme Cup, Bombshell, Chatterbox and Girl About Town, they're all real girly colours and I feel really confident wearing them.

My favourites are Creme Cup and Bombshell, they are both really easy to wear for an everyday look. Creme Cup is really moisturising but doesn't have the staying power of Chatterbox or Girl About Town, this has no doubt got something to do with the formula but as a MAC novice I haven't quite worked out all of the different finishes just yet. 

Another product I went from having none of to now owning 3 of them is MAC eyeshadows, I bought Cranberry as part of another haul after seeing, yet again, Sugarfixx Beauty use it in a tutorial. The other two I picked up on my birthday trip to London.

I decided to go for Sumptuous Olive because I had seen it in a Tanya Burr tutorial and as I have brown eyes I thought it would look really nice, great for winter. I also opted of one of the Pigment Colour Powders in Old Gold, I've never really used a pigment before apart from the Barry M dazzle dusts when I was a kid, but it looked so lovely with the Sumptuous Olive I decided to take a risk and give it a go. 

I have to say these swatches really do not do the eyeshadows any justice at all, especially Cranberry. These eyeshadows are so pigmented it's ridiculous, I will never in a million years get through the whole pot of Colour Pigment as you only need the smallest amount. Cranberry is the most beautiful deep purple/red colour but the swatches make it look more like a brown. 

I will definitely be adding a few more MAC products to my Christmas list as I really am loving MAC now, finally I understand the hype! I think I will have to get myself a pallet for my eyeshadows as I feel my collection may get quite large, plus then I get to do the 'Back to MAC' thing and get a free lippy :)

What are your favourite MAC products? What should I add to my collection next?


  1. Amazing haul, I am not jealous at all ;) I have been after Girl About Town for soooo long! Hurry up payday!


    1. Not sure why I have left a post link lol! Em’s Mixed Bag

    2. Ha, any link is a good link :)

  2. I'm a big fan of MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows! Lovely post you got here <3
    Please feel free to check out my mini MAC haul post and reviews :) Thank you


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