Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rimmel London Lasting Colour Rush Balm Review

Recently I have gone a bit spend crazy on lip products, I tend to go through phases where I will buy lots of one type of product and lately it's been lipsticks.

As well as joining the MAC lipstick gang I also went a little cray cray for Rimmels latest lip offerings, their Lasting Colour Rush Balm sticks. Now this is something I am blaming yet again on the lovely Katie from Sugarfixx Beauty, this is the second thing she has 'enabled' me to buy after seeing her Instagram images.

Now if you have read my review of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain then you will know that I have not exactly been wowed by the Chubby Stick knock offs, until now...

Some how I have ended up with four of these I just don't know how, really. I got the shades 'The Redder the Better', 'On Fire', 'Rumour Has it' and 'Give Me a Cuddle', they do some lovely nude shades too which I may have to purchase come pay day. They were £5.99 (£2 cheaper than the Revlon version) but when I bought my first three it was buy one get the second half price. I used one of them once and then poof it was gone to god knows where so obviously I had to go and repurchase, this is when another shade caught my attention and because I'd spent over £10 I got a free Scandal Eyes mascara so that was nice. 

As you can see they are all super pigmented, I was really impressed with the colour pay off and the fact that the colour you see is the colour you get! They are also super silky and hydrating and they don't cling to any dry patched or cracked lips which is fab for this time of year. The most impressive thing about these is the staying power, when I lost 'Rumour Has it' after one application I was gutted because I didn't want to take it off but thought it would look rubbish if I couldn't reapply. I decided to risk it and leave it on and to my amazement 6 hours later it was still going strong! The glossy effect fades after a couple of hours and you are left with a matte effect which I was fine with as it was the colour I most liked and you didn't loose any of that. 

I really do love these, I think they're a great alternative to lipstick and the colours are really vibrant, perfect for brightening up a dull winters day. 'Rumour Has it' is my favourite and then 'On Fire', I felt really confident wearing these two shades which is something new for me as I tend to stick to much lighter shades. 

Here's me wearing 'Rumour Has it', you can see how silky and shiny it is, and my lips are always really dry. 

You will be pleased to know I managed to eventually find the lost 'Rumour Has it' before I used the new one so I will be adding that to my Christmas giveaway pot. 

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balms yet? 


  1. Oh my, I need these all of them. I like wearing these lip crayons. I find them so easy to use & the colour payoff is great. These latest Rimmel offering are going to come home with me as soon as I make it into Boots.
    Very pretty

    1. They really are beautiful, I think they are the best of the lip crayons. Just wish I was brave enough to wear them everyday :)

  2. I adore the Revlon version and wondered if these would be as pigmented but they look fantasticly pigmented! I think I will pick up The Redder The Better!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. They really are so pigmented, and they last all day long.


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