Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

If you haven't heard about the Maybelline Baby Lips by now where have you been?! These much hyped lip balms have previously only been available in America but earlier this summer they finally made it across the pond. Like with all hyped up products, especially drugstore ones, I tried to resist being drawn in by it all but eventually as usual I caved!

I really wasn't interested in these at all at first because I just thought they were another lip balm, and really how different could they be? But when the inevitable happened and I jumped on the Baby Lips bandwagon I was pleasantly surprised. 

There are 6 in the range, 3 tinted and 3 non-tinted, I decided to go for the two most popular tinted balms 'Cherry Me' and 'Pink Punch'. 

Cherry Me is a beautiful subtle red and Pink Punch is a cute girly pink, the pigmentation of both is amazing for a tinted lip balm, I personally think these are much better than the lip butters (controversial I know). Not only that but they are really moisturising, they do exactly what a lip balm should do when so many others don't. Also they smell amazing!

Now I'm not usually one to comment on the packaging of a product as I think it's pretty irrelevant really, however if there is one downside to these babies it would be the packaging. It's a little tacky for my taste, but as I love these so much I'm willing to put that to one side (see packaging talk = irrelevant).

The Maybelline Baby Lips are £2.99 which I think is a bargain and exactly how much a lip balm should be. I think they are currently on some 3 for 2 promotion in Boots too as when I got mine there was nothing to indicate they were but then on my receipt I seemed to have money off?? I would recommend these to anyone! Mum's of young girls out there, I think they would be especially good for young teens who are wanting to get into makeup but are maybe still a bit young for lipstick.

Have you tried the Baby Lips yet?


  1. I bought the same two shades - I agree, such a perfect way to let your daughter wear 'lipstick' :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. They're lovely aren't they, I think I might go and get the nude tinted one too.


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