Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Revlon Photoready cream blush review

A couple of months back I had to do some travelling for work, which meant having to reduce the size of my makeup bag considerably. One thing I thought would make life easier would be to take a cream blush as it would mean one less brush to pack. After reading many rave reviews I decided to give the Revlon Photoready Cream Blush a try.

I have to say I have never really got on with cream blushes as I find them hard to blend and I usually end up looking like Aunt Sally (I'm showing my age here). I'd love to say I made a break through with this blusher but unfortunately I didn't really, it was OK but I wasn't blown away by it and I still found it difficult to blend but keep the colour. It always feels like I'm just rubbing it off. 

It dried like a powder which was nice as I find cream blushes can stay a little tacky, the colour was lovely too. I went for Flushed Rougissant because I have pinky tones in my face and I prefer pink blushes to peach, it looks a bit scary in the pot but once blended (as best I could) it looked really natural. 

Although this product didn't convert me to a cream blush lover I wasn't left completely disappointed either. I think I will just stick to my powder blushers as I know what I'm doing there. It was great for travelling though and its streamline packaging meant it could fit into the tiniest gap in my makeup bag. 

Do you struggle with cream blushes? Any top tips for blending?

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  1. I have never try cream blushes before. but I am very interested in trying one :)

    Bella / everythingaboutbella


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