Monday, 8 July 2013

A tipsy OOTN

Happy Monday everyone, I'm feeling in a particularly good mood today after a gloriously sunny weekend having fun with my girls, not just the kids but the lovely ladies too. 

It was my friends birthday this weekend so we had a girls night out in Manchester, which meant I needed a new outfit obviously. As usual I left everything to last minute and I ended up enlisting my 5 year old daughter to help me pick something out, luckily she has good taste and she saved the day. 

As I was rushing around I didn't get chance to take proper photos, but oh well it wouldn't be me if they were perfect (excuse the tipsy face) :-)

My friend Mandy making a cameo - she will kill me!
My top was a silky, loose fitting cami, £9.99 from New Look and it was really comfortable to wear. I think this would look really nice with a pair of jeans for daytime wear or a sunny day in the beer garden.

The skirt was a last minute spot again from New Look for £16.99, I was frantically running around and nothing was really catching my eye when Violet spotted this beauty and I didn't even have to think I just snapped it up. It's a high wasted skater style skirt, the darts at the waste line mean that it hangs really nicely and doesn't just flop like some skater styles can. I really like this style as I think it flatters my shape, it hides my belly but the high waist shows off the thinnest part of my body.

Now I don't about you but when I go out I spend what feels like a lifetime doing my makeup and when I look in the mirror at home I think it looks really good, only to have pictures taken of me and my face looks like this!

Say hello to my beautiful pals Rachel and Mandy

My face is so much whiter than the rest of my body, I look like a ghost, what the hell is going on?! The foundation I have on here is the NARS Sheer Glow, which I love, I even added bronzer over the top all over my face and it still looks white! My friends look so lovely and bronzed (granted Rach has just got back from Cyprus), I just don't know where I'm going wrong. In natural light this foundation is a perfect match, maybe because I have more body skin on show it makes my face look whiter compared to my arms? I don't know but I don't like it! 

I was recently colour matched at MAC for the Longwear foundation and ended up with NC15, as the makeup artist told me I had pink undertones on my face but yellow on my body. He decided to match me to my body and I'm think this is probably to avoid the problem I experienced on Saturday night. Next time I go out I will be wearing the MAC Longwear to see if that makes any difference to my ghostly appearance. 

Oh and before I forget my gorgeous necklace (also from New Look) was another pick by Violet, she really is a talented little stylist if anyone is struggling to find the perfect outfit I am happy to hire her out at very reasonable rates :-) 

I'd love to hear from you if you have the same problem as me or if you're a makeup artist with some top tips.

P.S. This post was in no way sponsored by New Look LOL, and here's a picture from my Sunday family day out, just because I love it!!

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