Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shoes, beautiful shoes

I have always had a thing for shoes, what girl hasn't, my infatuation stems from my mother she has a shoe for every outfit. I remember endless Saturdays of going from one shop to the other and back until she finally made a decision on the perfect shoe.

In recent year's I must admit I have managed to curb my shoe addiction and I have moved on to other things such as bags and makeup. I started to make more sensible shoe choices, getting ones I knew would go with other things. However when I saw my latest shoe purchase I knew I had to have them, no matter what they cost, that shoe animal instinct reared its head again and I had forgotten what an overwhelming feeling it was. To have the perfect pair of shoes in sight and know they would be mine, it's a glorious feeling. 

I was actually more concerned with finding a dress when these babies caught my eye, I was off to the fancy Waitrose Suppliers Ball and by all accounts it was a fairly posh affair (and it was!). I had my dress in hand and was on my way to the counter when I saw them, I was in Debenhams and on the off chance I would find some nice jewellery I headed over the the Miss Selfridge concession, something I never do as it's one of those tiny people shops. There they were just staring at me, the last pair in the perfect colour and guess what, my size! It was fate, just meant to be, so I didn't question it I just took myself off to the till.

Lets take a moment to appreciate their full beauty....

These nude coloured heels are suede with a lace side panel and a giant bow on the front, they have a zip at the back so you can leave the bow sitting pretty. They are quite high but have about a half an inch platform at the front so they don't feel as high as they are. I'm glad I have started to wear heels on a day to day basis as I think I have now conditioned my feet to love heels, previously I would have been walking like a chicken laying an egg within 10 minutes! They were a little more than I have paid for a pair of shoes recently, remember I have been making sensible choices, at £46 they weren't cheap but I wouldn't say overly expensive either. I have already worn them since the Waitrose event and I can see I will definitely get my money's worth out of these bad boys. 

I teamed them up with a gorgeous bright coral pink dress from Pussycat, also from Debenhams, which was £25 another bargain as I've already worn that since the event too.

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  1. Really like this shoe. i don't wear heels often, however they were simple to run in and fairly simple on my feet. Heel did slip till tame .

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    Men Shoes UK


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