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BlanX White Shock LED whitening Toothpaste review

So I thought it was about time I reviewed BlanX White Shock whitening toothpaste, seeing as I've banged about the work and the activities I have been doing with it so much. As you know I work for BlanX but as with all my product reviews this will be a 100% frank and honest review of what I think of the product as a consumer.

When we first heard about the new BlanX White Shock products in the office we were all really excited about them, but like most people I was a little dubious as to how effective it would be, as to be honest I had not been blown away by the original BlanX range. They were good but I had not seen any drastic change in the colour of my teeth.

What you get in the box...

BlanX White Shock toothpaste plus a little blue LED light, all you have to do is take the cap off the tube and add the LED light attachment to the end of it. That then becomes your cap, there's no need to keep putting it on and taking it off again. The screw top lid on the LED acts to turn the light on and off by applying pressure to a little button on the top of the light, once the lid is loosened the light turns on.
How it works...
"BlanX White Shock Formula is the first daily whitening toothpaste of its kind and contains a patented self-cleaning super-hydrophilic ingredient called Actilux®.
Everyday, the organic molecules responsible for dirt, colour, smell, pollution & bacterial membranes attack your teeth.
Every time you smile, ActiluX® reacts to light to whiten your teeth & to bring back their natural splendor."
Basically, the Actilux molecules bind to your teeth, forming a protective barrier if you like, to stop all the dirt, food and bacteria attacking the teeth causing staining. The Actilux then reacts to light, whether that be daylight, your bedroom light or the LED accelerator, to break down all the yucky stuff and wash them away with your saliva. Meaning the more you smile the whiter your teeth will be!

The blue LED works to accelerate the whitening power of the Actilux, as the toothpaste passes through the light, as you sqeeze it onto your toothbrush, the formula is activated so it is ready to start working as soon as it hits your teeth. You can also use the light as a daily treatment by holding it up to your mouth and shining it onto your teeth for about a minute a day after brushing, to give it that extra kick start.

My verdict...
I can honestly say, cool blue light aside, I really do love this toothpaste. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I have definitely noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth. Unfortunately I think I'm one of those unlucky people who naturally have a slight yellowish tint to my teeth and I have one uncooperative tooth that refuses to go white. I have tried pretty much all of the whitening toothpastes on the market and BlanX White Shock has been the only one that has made any difference to my one unruly tooth, it isn't white white but it's definitely white-er.

The best thing I have noticed about BlanX White Shock is not just the whitening effect but the cleaning too. You can definitely tell that the Actilux is doing it's job of preventing all the food, bacteria etc. that cause discolouration from sticking to your teeth. We all know that furry tooth feeling we get when we've eaten too many sweets, I used to get furry teeth after one cup of tea, now I don't them at all, not ever! My teeth feel much cleaner when I wake up in the morning too, no more nasty morning breath for me.

How much does it cost?
BlanX White Shock is available in two variants, one with the LED light and one without. You'll be pleased to know that the toothpaste in the tube is exactly same in both variants, and the LED light is reusable. This means that you don't have spend £7.49 on the LED product every time, instead when that runs out you can buy the £4.99 product without the light and just attach your LED to the end of that one.

At the moment the BlanX White Shock LED is only available online from BlanX and Feel Unique. The BlanX White Shock without LED is available online from BlanX and Feel Unique again but also from Asda stores, and soon to be available in Morrisons. By June/July both products should be available across all the major retailers as well as Boots.

You may think I'm bias but as a 100% impartial consumer I would definitely recommend BlanX White Shock.

Have you tried it yet?


  1. This looks fun! :) I've been hearing a lot of good things about this brand!

  2. Heard so many great things about this, I can't wait to give this a go! Looks so fun xx

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  4. Just bought my first tube and guess what... The led light doesn't work, waste of money.

  5. Same here my light doesn't work either.
    Going to send it back

  6. Same here my light doesn't work either.
    Going to send it back

  7. Same here my light doesn't work either.
    Going to send it back

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