Friday, 26 April 2013

Topshop Nails

As you all know I have a bit of an obsession with nail polish, and I have recently discovered the wonder that is Topshop cosmetics. One of the best products in the Topshop cosmetics range I am pleased to say is there nail polish. The rainbow of colours is vast and there are tons of different shades in each colour pallet, the only problem I had was trying to decide which ones to get.
As you can see I went a little nuts and as it was too hard to choose I bought 6...
I have been trying to broaden the colour spectrum in my nail polish collection as I have pretty much every shade of pink available. I have to say I was immediately drawn to the pink section in Topshop and it took everything I had not to buy the lot!

One thing I don't have a lot of in my nail polish collection is metallic, so I thought that would be a good place to start when making my choices, as you can see I couldn't resist slipping a pink (Twilight Tease) in my basket but in my defence I didn't have a metallic pink. Next up I spotted a gorgeous silver (Winterfrost), which I thought was just super sparkly as I didn't even notice the holographic sticker on it until I got home. This filled me with more excitement than I'd like to admit. Finally I had been on the hunt for a rose gold polish for ages but they were never quite the right shade, they were always too gold or too brown. Then I spotted Topshop had a few contenders and I was pleased to find one that was the exact shade I had been searching for (Moonshine).

Next I really wanted to add some brighter but wearable colours to my collection, I had been seeing a lot of orange nails so I knew I wanted an orange (Causing a Stir) and again Topshop had a great selection. I also opted for a blue (Pool Party) which I like to call Tiffany blue as it is an exact match to the Tiffany bags and boxes. Finally I went for a green (Gone Fishing) colour that I really wouldn't normally go for. I have to say I have worn Gone Fishing a couple of times and I can't really make up my mind if I like it or not. I absolutely love the orange shade though, it is now my favourite colour and I am wearing it all the time!

These polishes tick all the boxes for me, they have great colours, they give amazing coverage in just a couple of coats (all swatches show coverage after two coats) and most importantly of all they apply really easily. If you have read my review on the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes you will know how important easy application is to me, if it doesn't glide on smoothly and evenly I am instantly put off no matter how amazing the colours.

Once again Topshop's done good, I will definitely be buying more of these babies!

Have you tried Topshop Nails yet? Which colour should I get next?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Prime time

I have recently discovered primers and when I say discovered I mean become obsessed with. My most recent primer purchase was the Benefit POREfessional, and yes I know it's been reviewed to death but I love this product so much it felt wrong not to tell you all about it.

I decided to go for the 'it's about prime' set, as it was the same price as the POREfessional on its own, so seemed daft not to really. As I also bought the 'Conceal-a-holic' set I got this handy makeup bag with a few moisturiser samples inside, which was nice. 

I'll start by briefly mentioning the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, this is a sheer oil free lotion and it smells amazing! This is a really lovely moisturiser, it feels expensive and luxurious and makes my skin feel super soft. I have been using this everyday and I have really noticed a difference in my skin, it feels a lot more hydrated and it has a sort of glow about it. I'm seriously considering repurchasing this product. 

Now for the main event, POREfessional. Well what can I say that hasn't already been said? This product is utterly amazing and wonderful, it actually feels like I am putting another layer of skin on when I apply this. I have quite large pores on my forehead and nose, and this product makes them pretty much disappear. The product itself is flesh coloured and what I think it does is fill in your pores and make the appear more pinky than black. 

The feel of this product is like velvet, it goes on so smoothly and it's easy to massage into the skin so you only need a small amount. It also seriously reduces the amount of oil my skin produces throughout the day meaning my makeup stays put all day long and the only glow I have is the dewy loveliness from the facial emulsion. 

I give both of these products two huge thumbs up and I would definitely say the POREfessionl is worth the £23! 

Have you used POREfessional or the facial emulsion? What did you think? Have you found anything as good but cheaper? 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

BlanX White Shock LED whitening Toothpaste review

So I thought it was about time I reviewed BlanX White Shock whitening toothpaste, seeing as I've banged about the work and the activities I have been doing with it so much. As you know I work for BlanX but as with all my product reviews this will be a 100% frank and honest review of what I think of the product as a consumer.

When we first heard about the new BlanX White Shock products in the office we were all really excited about them, but like most people I was a little dubious as to how effective it would be, as to be honest I had not been blown away by the original BlanX range. They were good but I had not seen any drastic change in the colour of my teeth.

What you get in the box...

BlanX White Shock toothpaste plus a little blue LED light, all you have to do is take the cap off the tube and add the LED light attachment to the end of it. That then becomes your cap, there's no need to keep putting it on and taking it off again. The screw top lid on the LED acts to turn the light on and off by applying pressure to a little button on the top of the light, once the lid is loosened the light turns on.
How it works...
"BlanX White Shock Formula is the first daily whitening toothpaste of its kind and contains a patented self-cleaning super-hydrophilic ingredient called Actilux®.
Everyday, the organic molecules responsible for dirt, colour, smell, pollution & bacterial membranes attack your teeth.
Every time you smile, ActiluX® reacts to light to whiten your teeth & to bring back their natural splendor."
Basically, the Actilux molecules bind to your teeth, forming a protective barrier if you like, to stop all the dirt, food and bacteria attacking the teeth causing staining. The Actilux then reacts to light, whether that be daylight, your bedroom light or the LED accelerator, to break down all the yucky stuff and wash them away with your saliva. Meaning the more you smile the whiter your teeth will be!

The blue LED works to accelerate the whitening power of the Actilux, as the toothpaste passes through the light, as you sqeeze it onto your toothbrush, the formula is activated so it is ready to start working as soon as it hits your teeth. You can also use the light as a daily treatment by holding it up to your mouth and shining it onto your teeth for about a minute a day after brushing, to give it that extra kick start.

My verdict...
I can honestly say, cool blue light aside, I really do love this toothpaste. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I have definitely noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth. Unfortunately I think I'm one of those unlucky people who naturally have a slight yellowish tint to my teeth and I have one uncooperative tooth that refuses to go white. I have tried pretty much all of the whitening toothpastes on the market and BlanX White Shock has been the only one that has made any difference to my one unruly tooth, it isn't white white but it's definitely white-er.

The best thing I have noticed about BlanX White Shock is not just the whitening effect but the cleaning too. You can definitely tell that the Actilux is doing it's job of preventing all the food, bacteria etc. that cause discolouration from sticking to your teeth. We all know that furry tooth feeling we get when we've eaten too many sweets, I used to get furry teeth after one cup of tea, now I don't them at all, not ever! My teeth feel much cleaner when I wake up in the morning too, no more nasty morning breath for me.

How much does it cost?
BlanX White Shock is available in two variants, one with the LED light and one without. You'll be pleased to know that the toothpaste in the tube is exactly same in both variants, and the LED light is reusable. This means that you don't have spend £7.49 on the LED product every time, instead when that runs out you can buy the £4.99 product without the light and just attach your LED to the end of that one.

At the moment the BlanX White Shock LED is only available online from BlanX and Feel Unique. The BlanX White Shock without LED is available online from BlanX and Feel Unique again but also from Asda stores, and soon to be available in Morrisons. By June/July both products should be available across all the major retailers as well as Boots.

You may think I'm bias but as a 100% impartial consumer I would definitely recommend BlanX White Shock.

Have you tried it yet?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Blogger award double wammy

Whenever I get a little slack with the blog posts I always worry that I am putting followers off or my visits will drop and I am constantly amazed when not only does that not happen but I gain more followers! Over the past few weeks I have been it's fair to say pretty pants and I have been completely overwhelmed to find that not only have I gained 8 new followers practically over night but I have also been nominated for two very lovely blog awards.


Nika from Makeup by Sparkle nominated me for my 3rd Liebster Award and Emma from World of DilEmma nominated me for my first Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you ladies I am very touched that you have enjoyed reading my blog. I am going to try and combine these two awards into one post so I will meet in the middle on the rules.

So lets get to it, lets start with the rules...
1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate
4. Choose 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate
5. Let everyone know they've been picked
Versatile Blogger:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Select 15 new blog/blogger you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they've been nominated.
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Random facts about ME...
1. I love my job.
2. I'm from Barrow-in-Furness originally and now live near Preston.
3. I have a bad habit of picking my nose (gross I know)!
4. I am addicted to cheese Doritos, Snickers and Pepsi Max (all the healthy stuff).
5. I HATE fish (eating it).
6. People who boast and talk about how much things cost reeeeally get on my pip!
7. I have only not worn nail polish for 2 days out of this year so far.
8. I love a good night in.
9. I do not own one single MAC product, shocking for a beauty blogger I know!

My answers to Nika's questions...
1. What is your favourite hair product?
DGJ Organics - they sent me some products to try and I've never looked back!
2. Do you prefer curly or straight?
3. What do you order at Starbucks?
One of those iced thingies, I don't like coffee
4. Favourite summer scent, body spray/perfume?
I don't tend to change my fragrance very often, I find one I like and stick with it. At the moment it's Marc Jacobs Daisy.
5. Your favourite moisturiser?
Body: Body Shop Body Butter. Face: Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion.
6. Your guilty pleasure?
One Direction
7. What is your favourite food?
8. Do you ever sleep with your makeup on?
Not since I discovered Bioderma
9. What camera do you use for taking pictures on your blog?
My iPhone
10. Best drugstore product (anything from makeup, skin, hair, body)?
Rimmel foundation
11. Did you make any friends on blogger?
I have people I chat to occasionally but nobody has befriended me yet :(

My questions for my Liebster Award nominees...
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What's your holy grail product?
3. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?
4. Do you prefer high end or drugstore beauty products?
5. What would be the first thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery?
6. What was the last book you read?
7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
8. Who would play you in a film about your life?
9. What's your favourite holiday destination?
10. If you could have a super power what would it be?
11. What has been the worst beauty product you have purchased?
And finally my double award nominees are...
So there you go, thanks again for nominating me ladies.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

BBlogger North Meet Up

Well I think it's about time I wrote another post don't you?! You'll have to excuse my absence as I have been on my jolly's, nowhere too fancy just to Scarborough with the hubby and kids but it was nice to get away and spend some long over due time together.
The day before I went away I attended one of the best blogger events ever, the North Meet Up arranged by the Em from Em Talks. I first heard about the event on Twitter but unfortunately all the places had been filled by the time I saw it (as per usual)! However when Em started calling out to brands to get involved I thought ah ha this could be my way in. We have been doing a lot of work with bloggers with BlanX and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the product in front of the people that matter.
I have to admit when I arrived I did feel a little nervous, although I was with lots of other bloggers I was there in a professional capacity and it's very different to being there just as a blogger. I had to make our product sound as exciting as possible, not that it's hard when the product has a blue light on the end!
It took me a little while to warm up but once I found my stride there was no stopping me and once the lovely ladies caught a glimpse of my blue light it wasn't long before they came to seek me out. The response I received towards the BlanX White Shock was amazing and everyone was really pleased to hear they would be getting a sample in their goody bags.
The day itself was brilliant, Em had gone to so much effort to make the day a success and I think it really paid off. It was the little things that made the day, the simple touches that showed Em had put so much thought into the day, like the banners she had made and the amazing cakes and refreshments. There were so so many great brands there and others that had contributed to the day which just shows how much the beauty industry value her and other bloggers. Working for a brand that gets approached on a daily basis to be involved with such events I can honestly say we don't just say yes to anyone who asks, at the end of the day all brands have budgets and we can't just go around giving product away. The fact Em got so many to be involved in the day is a great credit to her as a blogger and her achievements have definitely been recognised.
This brings me nicely onto the goody bags, and boy were they full of goodies! I have been to trade and press events that have not given goody bags as good as this one, it was literally packed full to the brim. The main goody bag, yes that's right there was more than one, included everything from fake tan and fake eyelashes to temporary tattoo's and tea bags, and of course BlanX White Shock LED. I just don't know when I will find the time to use it all, there's so many products in there that I don't even know where to begin with reviewing them. My plan is to work through it all this weekend and organise them for reviewing, I shouldn't struggle for blog content for the rest of the year put it that way! I was pleased to see some of my favourite brands in there such as my beloved Skinetica (which I ran out of a couple of months agao). As well as being introduced to some new brands such as Xen-Tan and Glam Glow, who were there on the day and got me very excited to try their products. Although I am slightly worried that I'll run out of the Xen-Tan sample and end up with one brown leg and one white one!
Finally I just want to say a massive thank you to Em for having me and my blue light at the event, and a huge thank you to all of the lovely blogger who came to speak to me and who I have chatted with over Twitter since the event. I cannot wait to read all the reviews for BlanX White Shock, make sure you're following @BlanXuk on Twitter and you can find us on Facebook too.
Were you at the North Meet Up? If I met you on the day make sure you say hi :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring Wish List

As the sun has started to pop it's little head out from behind the rain clouds recently it has got me thinking about all things colourful and Spring like. I haven't done a wish list for a while so I thought whilst I have a few things going round in my mind why not put a list together.

So first up I have been thinking about updating my wardrobe and when Spring/Summer comes around for me it's all about the cute dresses and floral prints. I love a casual skater dress and New Look have some great dupes of the Topshop dress at literally half the price! These dresses are great for everyday wear, you can dress them up for a night down the local with a heeled boot or throw on your battered Converse for a super girly casual shopping trip or trip to the park with the kids.

Secondly there haven't been many beauty launches this Spring that have really caught my eye, but being an absolute conceal-a-holic I don;t think I can put off buying the new Benefit Fake Up concealer much longer. Lots of very lucky bloggers got to go to launch events but sadly not me, and to be honest I have been a little confused by this and the Benefit Fine 11 product. But finally I have found some reviews that actually tell you how to use the product rather than just describe that packaging (I hate that) so I think I'm sold on them both now.

Another thing I have been putting off buying but really need in mine and my daughters life is a Tangle Teezer. My little girl have VERY long hair, she is a Rapunzel in training, and she hates having her hair brushed. We have a show down every morning! My hair too is getting quite long and since I have gone blonde it is not in as good of a condition as before so I am becoming quite wary about brushes that tug on my hair too much. I think it is definitely time to bite the bullet and invest in a Tangle Teezer. I really like the little flower pot ones for my little girl as she can fill the pot up with all hair bobbles and clips.

Since Models Own released their S/S nail collections it has taken every bit of will power I have not to rush out and buy both the pastel and the neon full ranges. I am an absolute nail polish nut, but I have been trying to tell myself that over 100 nail polishes is enough for one girl. Sod it I can't take it anymore, if I don't have the Models Own Ice Neon collection in my life I just don't think I can go on (melodramatic much?).

And lastly what else can I say, I think every blogger and their cat have either bought this bag or is lusting after it. Since starting my new job I have gained a laptop and I am constantly carrying my new best friend (iPad mini) around in my bag so I think it is only sensible that I buy this bag really, don't you? Well too late if you disagree, yes that's right the Zara Office City Bag will be landing on my doorstep in 3 to 5 days!

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lush Marilyn review

Since going blonde I have found that my hair has not felt or looked has healthy as it did when it was brown, I had been thinking about trying an intensive conditioner or mask but not being very familiar with these products I felt a bit lost.

That was until I read a review by Chelsea from 'Through Chelsea's Eyes' on the Marilyn Hair Treatment from Lush. I've recently fallen back in love with Lush, but I will admit I tend to stay away from the hair stuff when I'm in there as it all just gets a bit too confusing for me what with all those solid shampoos and what not. But it made my day to find out they had something that could sort my locks out.

What it says on the tin...
"Let your blonde have more fun. A pre-wash treatment for blondes who want lighter, brighter hair.
Whether you are bleech blonde or natural you will want to keep brassy, orange tones from building up in your hair.
Use Marilyn regularly yo ensure you stay true blonde, not brassy."
Basically what you need to do is lather this rather gloopy stuff all over dry hair, kind of like when you dye your hair at home, wait 20 minutes then wash it off as you normally would.
I could not believe how silky smooth this stuff left my hair, and it didn't just last until my next wash I could still feel the benefits of the product a few washes later. I can't say it made my hair look any lighter but it sure felt a lot more nourished. I think maybe if you used it from the first wash after having your hair coloured it would probably help keep the tone for a lot longer, I'll be trying this next time I get my hair coloured.
If you're looking for a hair mask that doesn't contain lots of chemicals then you should definitely give this a go, at £8.95 for 225g I would say this was a good value purchase. I will definitely continue to use this product and I thoroughly recommend it to all you blonde bombshells out there. Thanks Chelsea for bringing this to my attention!

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