Friday, 22 March 2013

Pucker up - Topshop Lipstick review

At last a post!

I have finally managed to grab a few minutes to write a quick post so I thought I'd show you my new Topshop lipstick. As I have mentioned I've only just discovered Topshop makeup, as up until recently I have not been able to bring myself to go into a Topshop on the account of their 'fatist' nature.

Any who not only have I just discovered Topshop makeup but I have also discovered a love for lipsticks. I was always a lip gloss kinda gal and lipstick was just something I always associated with my mum, but lately I have become a bit braver with my lip colour choices and I have really got into lipstick.

I opted for 'Macaroon', I've seen this shade in a few blog posts and it always looks lovely so I thought I'd give it a go.
The colour is a lot brighter than I am used to so it took me a little while before I wore it out and about, but after wearing it around the house a few times I decided it was just too nice to only wear indoors. I love this shade and the lipstick itself has a really nice texture, it's very pigmented so you don't need to layer it on. One thing I will say is that it goes quite dry after a couple of hours and can look at bit patchy so you need to reapply regularly, which I haven't quite got used to doing yet and I have caught a glimpse of myself in shop windows and thought 'what the...'.
If you can remember to reapply frequently I would say go rush out and get this shade NOW! At a very reasonable price of £8 I think it is well worth the spondoolies.

Are you like me and recently left your sticky gloss behind in favour of a good old lippy?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Here I am

Just in case you were wondering where I was I thought I would update you a little on what's been going on and why I've not been as active as usual.
Now I haven't actually been as MIA as Blogger would have you believe, I have been trying to upload posts since last Monday and every time I do Blogger so kindly deletes the bugger! In fact I wouldn't be surprised if this post only lasted a couple of hours before it gets deleted too.
The problems I've been having uploading post coupled with 'GFCgate' have thrown me into blogging turmoil, I don't know whether I'm coming or going quite frankly. I've been plucking away at my little blog for a good few months now and slowly but surely I have gained a nice amount of followers, it's lovely to think that people are following because they genuinely enjoy reading what I have to say. I was thrilled when I started to get a little flurry of followers and I was on track to reach my first real blogging milestone, 100 followers, and getting very excited about a giveaway I have planned.
But Google had other ideas didn't they! Thanks to their decision to do away with Google Reader the blogging community has been thrown into a state of panic and everyone seems to have jumped ship and moved over to Bloglovin, which is fine as my blog is already on there but with very few followers. I was really happy to see that my Bloglovin followers increased slightly and this made me feel like my blog was a tiny bit important to some people's lives and they liked it so much they went and followed straight away so they didn't miss anything. Then I woke up one morning to find alot of my lovely new followers seemed to have left me :-( But I later found out there had been a bug in the system and some of those new followers had never been there in the first place :-( :-( 
As if that wasn't enough I then learn there are some new disclaimer guidelines! Give a blogger a break bigwigs!
So with Blogger posting issues, 'GFCgate' and new disclaimer guidelines I have kind of been feeling overwhelmed blogging wise over the past few days. Not to mention I have just started in my new super important job role so my time has become even more limited than it already was. On the plus side I'm really enjoying my new role and the responsibilities that come with it and I am sure I will get back on track with my blog in a few days. I already have some posts planned, so if your reading this Blogger I would really appreciate it if you just let them be!!

If you want to follow me on Bloglovin you can do here or just click the little '+' icon underneath my image to the right.
Have you been feeling the blogging strain lately?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ten reasons why...#2

Happy Mother's Day all you scrumptious mummies out there! Seeing as it's Mother's Day and I am indeed a mummy I thought I would do another 'ten reasons why...' post and dedicate it to my precious little lamb chops (that's my girls btw).

Ten reasons why...being a mummy is the BEST!
1. Cuddles - there's cuddles on tap and they're definitely the best cuddles by far!
2. Even when they make me mad they also make me smile like an insane person.
3. I learn something new every single day, there's never a dull moment!
4. They make me try harder to be a better person and keep me motivated to succeed.
5. To know that these little people depend on me feels scary and exciting all at the same time.
6. There's a never ending supply of sweets and Disney.
7. Every time I see my girls be kind and loving towards another child it just makes my heart melt with pride.
8. No matter how rubbish or stressful the day at work has been seeing my girls never fails to cheer me up.
9. Although I feel guilty every minute of everyday that I have to work instead of being with them, they never question it and they just get on with their little lives. It never fails to amaze me how well they adapt.
10. And finally probably the best thing of all, we get to gang up on Daddy!!
Unfortunately I'll be having a fairly sad Mother's Day this year as my hubby's away, but at least I get to spend it with my girls. I think some well deserved quality time is needed, maybe we'll do something girly.
Are you a mummy? What do you think the best thing about being a mummy is? Or I'd love to know what the best thing about your mummy?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Topshop Cheek Duo review

Once again I'm a little late to the party I'm afraid, as I have a vendetta against Topshop I find this review rather hard to stomach.
I used to love Topshop with a passion, every single thing I owned was from there, whilst at university I kept that place going. However over recent years I have found that Topshop have grown a dislike for anyone over a size 10, finding a size 12 in the rails of Topshop is like digging for diamonds and you may as well forget anything over a 12. Just walking round that shop makes me feel fat as I can't even walk past a rail without my muffin tops knocking everything on the floor!
However there have always been three things I liked about Topshop, bags, shoes and jewellery, as if you can make it through the rails to the back of the shop it doesn't matter what size you are to wear these fabulous items. Now I can add make up to that little list.
I have read many reviews raving about Topshop makeup and nail polish but as it pains me to even look at my once beloved clothes shop I have never been in to sample any. On a recent trip to the Trafford Center I was having a thin (well thinner) day so I decided to tackle the rails and find the makeup, and boy am I glad I did!

I went a little crazy at the makeup stand, I just couldn't help myself the nail polish was actually talking to me and then lots of other lovely bits caught my eye. One of which was the Cheek Duo, a lovely little compact that has a blusher and bronzer in one.

Bronzer has always been a bug bare of mine as I am quite fair I can never seem to get one that doesn't make me look like I have mud all over my face. The Topshop Cheek Duo is a really light bronze and the touch of pink really highlights my cheeks. It's not too shimmery so it doesn't stand out a mile it's just a really nice subtle touch of colour, which I love.

Blush - Bronzer

Blush and bronzer mixed

I apply this with my blush brush and I go for the middle part of the product so I get a touch of both blush and bronzer, but as you can see if you mix the two together you get a really lovely coral colour that will look great with a tan.

Overall I reeeeeally like the Topshop Cheek Duo, I am so pleased I put my feelings towards Topshop to one side and ventured in. I love how natural it looks for everyday but you can mix it up for a night out. I also picked up a mascara whilst in there that I have on in this photo and I really love this too, I will do a full review on it in a few days.

Thank you Topshop for restoring my faith in you, and keep the great makeup products a coming!

Are you a Topshop lover or hater? Have you tried their makeup?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer review

I know, I know this review is looooong over due, the hype around the Rimmel Apocalips has kind of dyed down now. I have had these since the first week they came out but it has been impossible for me to get decent shots of them on my lips because of lighting issues, I really didn't want to write the review without these images as I just don't think you get the full effect from a swatch.
So here it is, my somewhat lack luster review of the very much hyped Rimmel Apocalips. I bought these when they were on 3 for 2 in Boots so it just felt rude not to go ahead and get three. They were sold out pretty much everywhere as soon as they were released, even in the little back street Boots I had to go to near my work, but finally a few days in they had them back in stock.

After swatching every shade several times I decided to go for Luna, Nova and Stellar. All three are very lovely shades and they are so pigmented you only need one swipe of the wand and you instantly get an intense colour.

The wands are really soft and don't feel scratchy on your lips, because of the hole in the middle of the wand it holds a lot of product so you don't have to keep dipping it back into the tube which I really like.

As you can see from the images below the colour is brilliant, really bright and vibrant and I can honestly say they stay put all day long! I wore Nova whilst at the BlanX White Shock launch where I talked A LOT and the colour was still there when I'd finished. They don't stay as shiny for as long as the colour stays so if you like the glossy look you will want to re-apply quite regularly.
Although I like the colours I really don't see what all the fuss was about, yes they are lovely products but I wouldn't say I was totally wowed by them. I don't know maybe I was expecting too much after such a huge build up, I'm glad I have the ones I do but I can't say I will be rushing out to buy more. They feel quite greasy and have a rather funny taste and smell to them, it sort of reminded me of my little girls play make up it's a bit plasticy.
One thing I do love about these are that they aren't sticky in the slightest so your hair doesn't get stuck to your lips every time there's a slight draft.



My favourite shade is Nova, I think it is a really wearable everyday shade and I know that everyone raves about Big Bang but I just found that Stellar was a much nicer red and a little less scary if aren't used to wearing red on your lips. I couldn't really make my mind up about Luna and I did start to wonder what I was thinking when I bought it, as it looked quite orange and didn't really suit my skin tone. However now I have seen it in natural light I actually quite like it. I think it will still take some getting used to as I'm not used to wearing these sorts of colours.
What do you think? Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday shout out #4

It's been a while since my last Sunday shout out and that's not because I haven't read any fab blogs, it's just I've been super busy the last couple of weeks. Today is no different really as Violet has her 5th birthday party this afternoon, but I thought I'd use this little bit of alone time (aka when kids are watching Peppa Pig) to write today's.

Today's Sunday shout out is a little different, I have spent a lot of time this month reading blog posts via She Said Beauty. I've been a member pretty much since they first launched but never really spent much time on there. I know a lot of people enjoy reading blogs and discovering new ones on Bloglovin etc. but those sites have never really won me over.

I love how this site is totally dedicated to beauty and you don't have to search to find what you're looking for. It's also a great go to for any upcoming beauty trends and product launches. 

Now I know I'm most likely preaching to the choir here but I'm guessing not all of my readers will be beauty bloggers and may not know about great sites like this that can help them with their search for great beauty advice. 

As I mentioned I am on the She Said Beauty network so if you want to follow me you can do here, and I'd love it if you put your SSB link in the comments below so I can check yours out too. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Feb Faves

It's been aaaaages since I've done a favourites post and for good reason really, I just haven't been using any products that have set my world a light. It seems like good products are like buses, you don't see one for ages and then a ton come a long at once!

1. Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish in Strawberry Fizz - I am really loving bright nails at the moment and although I am try to use colours other than pink, this one had to make it into my favourites purely because of its amazing smell! I know right, the words amazing and smell just don't fit when talking about nail polish, but this smells so fruity its unbelievable. It stays smelling fruity even when it has dried on your nails and I can't stop sniffing it. I probably look like a right weirdo but at least I'm a weirdo with nice nails.

2. Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm - Now when it comes to BB creams I was really not a fan, every one I'd tried was awful, the coverage was terrible and most went patchy and the ones that said they were for oily skin seemed to be the worst for making my skin oily! Then I got a sample of Dr. Jart+ in a beauty box and I really liked it, but as my skin was quite bad I didn't really use it. However in recent weeks my skin has cleared up loads so I started wearing it everyday instead of my foundation and now I love it! The coverage is great, it doesn't go patchy and it doesn't make my face oily, it ticks all the boxes for me. It also give me that dewy, hydrated look to my face which I really like.

3. Benefit Porefessional - What more do I need to say, you can read about how much I love it product here and here.

4. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray - I've wanted to try this product for a long time and you will have seen it on numerous wish lists, I wasn't brave enough to faulk out for the full sized bottle as I've tried so many of these products that just don't work, so I got the mini for £7.50. This I am pleased to say is brilliant, the best thing about it is it gives my hair movement which when you have thin hair you don't get much of. My hair is usually very flat to my head but this products give it lots of bounce and swishiness.

5. Body Shop lipstick - I've never been much of a fan of lipsticks but this one has really won me over and I wear it most days, it's a really wearable colour too. It's a peachy nude so not much colour but just enough for everyday wear. The best thing about this lipstick is it's so moisturising, my lips feel really soft and looked after when I wear this, if it wasn't so moisturising then I would probably be a bit miffed that I'd payed £10 for it as I think that's quite expensive for a colour that's a bit meh.

6. Lush Grease Lightening - This is one of the reasons my skin has cleared up so much in recent weeks, I would go as far to say as it works even better than Skinetica. I use it every night as part of my night time regime and if I have a spot brewing I put a bit on in the morning too and the spot doesn't even get chance to rear it's little white head.

7. Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum - This so yummy and makes my lips feel so smooth after I've used it, I'd never really thought of using a scrub on my lips before but I'd read so many reviews on this product that I just had to try it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has slightly dry lips and it's great for keeping them smooth in the winter.

There you have my Feb Faves, have you tried any of these products before? What are your Feb Faves?

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