Thursday, 28 February 2013

BlanX White Shock Launch event

I've been banging on for a few days now on here and over on Twitter about something very exciting, it has been the reason for my absence on here for the last week or so too.

I'm about to let you in on a little (not so) secret, by day I work in marketing, which you probably are already aware if you read any of my bios. One of the brands I work on is BlanX the daily natural whitening toothpaste, you will have seen reviews for BlanX on a number of blogs as we work closely with bloggers. It has been a really exciting time to be working on the BlanX brand as we have been getting ready to launch something rather special...

...Introducing BlanX White Shock, the only whitening toothpaste to contain the patented ingredient Actilux®. More excitingly Actilux® is activated by light, it gets to work from the first application and keeps working all day long! I think you'll agree when you see the product it is something very unique.

Just like the orginial BlanX range, the White Shock range whitens naturally without the use of peroxides or optical brighteners and even better whithout damaging your enamel, as it contains non-abrasive silica.

Ok enough with the science I know what you all really want to know is does it work, and the answer is YES! You're probably thinking, well of course I'd say that I work for them. I promise you if it didn't work I wouldn't be saying it did, my blog is completely seperate from my work and I am always 100% honest. I am planning a full review of the product so I wont bore you too much with the detail, as what I really wanted to talk about was the amazing press launch.

It was such an exciting day, I was really nervous at first as I've never done anything like that before and the last time I spoke to a journalist was at uni and it went horribly. I just had to tell myself I knew what I was talking about and to have confidence in myself, it doesn't help that I have an awful Barrow accent so I had to try to enunciate and speak a little 'posher'.

We had a room at Hearst Magazines, the home of the likes of Cosmo, Company, Red and Elle magazine. The room looked great and the product spoke for itself really, it's such a different an innovative new product the journalists couldn't help but be amazed. We had a really great response, lots of ooo's and ahh's, and I got to speak to some lovely ladies from the world of beauty. I was lucky enough to chat to the beauty writers from Cosmo and Grazia, which considering it was LFW just showed how interested they were for them to show up.

I'm so glad I got to be involved in this event and can't wait for the next one, I'm about to cover whilst our Senior Brand Manager is on maternity leave so its going to be a very exciting and challenging year for me.

If you fancy trying out the BlanX White Shock you can find the non LED version in Asda now and the version with the LED light booster on Feel Unique very soon.

For more product info take a look here.

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