Monday, 4 February 2013

A lush evening with Lush

Ok so over the weekend I may have gone a little overboard in Lush, I've never really been interested in baths and bath products before. However after seeing the results a good skin care routine has had on my face I thought maybe I should be a little nicer to the skin on the rest of my body.

As you can see I got quite a selection of bubble bars and bath bombs as well as a moisturising bar, a lip gloss from their Valentines range and also the famous Grease Lightening spot treatment. Oh I also got the Cupcake face mask but I forgot to include it in this picture as it was chilling in my fridge!

So seeing as I went a little nuts I have been looking forward to trying them all out and for once I was actually quite excited about having a bath. I hate running baths, I even make my husband do the kids bath time as it's so stressful, the complete opposite of what I want from a bath. However on Sunday night, after I'd but the girls to bed, I lit some tea lights and decided I was going to have a lovely pampered evening.

So I slapped on my Cupcake face mask, which is made from cocoa butter, linseed and cocoa powder and peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood oils. I won't lie I did have to resist giving my fingers a lick after I put it on my face (warning horrendous picture to follow).

I chose this face mask as it said it was good for oily skin, which I have, and it helps calm breakouts, which I also have. I am always a little apprehensive about using face masks as my past experiences have always led to major breakouts and quite sore skin, I would never apply one the night before a big event as I'm always scared I will end up with horrendous skin.
Now for a face mask that looks a little bit like poop in a pot I was amazingly surprised by how good this was, it went on lovely, it smelt delicious, it didn't burn, it came off really easily and most importantly my skin felt fabulous! No extra breakouts what so ever, it felt moisturised and smooth and dry but not dried out. I will definitely be using this again and again and again!

Next up after applying my poop coloured face mask I had to decide on a bath additive, I went for the Marshmallow luxury bath melt, as it was pink, smelt lovely and had very simple instructions. I simply had to plop this in my bath and watch it fizz away.

This bath melt made my bath water go a lovely shade of pink, and lets face it what girl doesn't want to float around in a pink bath? It also smelt divine, and it made me smell like a bag of sweets. I felt so relaxed whilst I was having this bath I managed to catch up on all my favourite blogs, usually as soon as the water temperature cools slightly (I like piping hot baths) I'm out of there but this time I managed a good 20 minutes.

I enjoyed this Sunday evening so much I have decided to make it a weekly event, and seeing as though I now have quite a stash of Lush products I have no excuse for not enjoying my baths anymore.

I think I have found a new favourite shop :)

Oh and I also let my girls have pink girly bath with one of the bath bombs, 'Think Pink', and here's what Violet had to say...


  1. oooh I love lush, they have brilliant bath stuff!

  2. Cant stop giggling at Vi, she's adorable


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