Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas Hair Part 2...at last

Back at the beginning of December I posted about my Christmas hair do part 1, I have had to do this in two parts as my hairdresser couldn't fit me in for a colour on the same day as the cut. However then Christmas and the vast amount of money I spent on presents got in the way and it meant I didn't have the funds to get my new colour done before New Year.

I am pleased to finally be able to show you part two of my hair transformation! I have had dark hair for around 4 years now, it's the longest I have been any one colour, before that I always had highlights and the shade of them tended to change every time I had them done. I decided to go dark as I had just had my first daughter and I wanted to make myself feel a bit better with a makeover.
Apart from the just having a child bit, the motivation for this change is sort of the same as the last. Having dark hair was starting to make me feel a little drab, even though things are going great and I am happier now than I have been in a really long time, so I thought my hair should match my mood and I have decided to go blonde. 

These images are absolutely awful, but I have given up trying to get the perfect shot as with the lack of natural light I'll be waiting until the summer! My hairdresser has used foils for the underneath but has only used toner on the top section, this means I wont get horrid roots and I have avoided that terrible tiger stripe look. It's not as blonde as I would have liked but that is to be expected when you go from dark to light, the next time I go I think I will get it much closer to the colour I want to achieve.
I used two of my fave celebs as hairspiration, Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift, I love the colour of both of their hair. I love how LC's goes from darker blonde to light and that's the end result I am hoping for.

Have you changed your look recently? 

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