Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art

As you may or may not know I have a HUGE love for nail polish, I change my nail colour almost on a daily basis. Painting my nails is like a form of therapy for me, it really chills me out, which is strange as I have zero patience and fiddly things usually get me quite hot under the collar.

I have been wanting to try some festive nail art for a few weeks now as I keep seeing amazing images on Pinterest and Instagram and some of them look really easy to do. I only had one problem, up until yesterday I never had the tools to do it. Then this happened...

Whilst in Boots looking for gifts I idly wandered by the Models Own section, as I always do, and straight away the Wonderland collection caught my eye. I have seen some great posts featuring these polishes and I thought it was about time I added them to my collection. I picked up 'Jack Frost' and 'Southern Lights', I love how sparkly they are, perfect for Christmas. I also picked up the Wah nail art pen in white and because I had bought more than 2 products I got get a nail art kit for FREE!

So anyway back to my point of this post, the festive nail art. I thought I would give the red and white snow flake design a go, but mix it up a little with some dots, a bit of sparkle and a Christmas jumper design. What do you think?

I used Ciate 'Mistress' red for the base coat then used my Models Own white nail art pen to do the designs. For the snow fakes I used the tapered brush end and for the dots and the Christmas jumper (pinky finger in case you wondered) I used the dotting end. I then used my new 'Jack Frost' polish to add the sparkle, which I think just finishes them off nicely.

It was my first attempt at any form of nail design and I am pretty impressed, they are not as messy as I thought they would be and I cannot believe how easy it was. Seriously even if you are a bit clumsy when it comes to painting your nails you definitely need to give it a go, the Models Own nail art pens make it so incredibly easy to do.

If you want some more nail art ideas take a look at my Pinterest board...


  1. this looks really cute. love the snowflakes. xx


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