Friday, 2 November 2012

October empties

October has very much been a month of firsts for me, I got my first blog follower, first beauty box and first blog award (thanks Laurie). So I thought how best to round off the month with my first empties post, a little insight into the products have seen be through October.

Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes
A few weeks ago I did a review of these wipes along with a couple of other Simple products, they were great wipes for removing make up but I didn't notice any difference in the condition of my skin or spots. They claim to give results from day 1 but I think this month I have used far more effective skin care products.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
I only really bought this because it was on offer and I was buying the Rimmel foundation so thought I'd give it a try. I had not really used a primer before this, not regularly anyway, and I was really impressed with this one. It had a really nice texture to it and it worked wonders at evening out my skin tone and made my make up last all day long. I really noticed a difference in how oily my skin was too, usually my forehead in particular became quite oily by mid day but when I used this it seemed to reduce this significantly.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Best budget foundation EVER! This foundation was amazing, Rimmel is not usually a brand I would buy but again it was on offer and I had read a lot about it in magazines so thought why not. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this foundation was, it went on silky smooth, had excellent coverage (better than some more expensive brands) and lasted all day long. I will definitely be buying this foundation again.

Models Own blusher in Warm Glow
I know this isn't completely empty just yet but I have a slight OCD about make up and as soon as it's not a full pallet I feel a bit funny about using it, plus I hate it when they start to crack and I think this one is about two uses away from crumbling. I am a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes so I thought I would give their make up rage a go too, when I bought this I also bought a bronzer but I only used it a couple of times because it just wasn't right for me, I ended up looking like the girls from Gordie Shaw. This blusher however has been lovely, it gives your cheeks a really subtle glow great for daytime although you do need to reapply by mid afternoon.

Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara
This is a great day time mascara, it does exactly what it says on the tin, volumises, lengthens and separates. It makes your lashes look super long and there is zero clumping, I don't think it has the impact that you would want for a girls night out but for everyday use it's perfect.

Parmolive Soft & Gentle roll on anti-perspirant deodorant in Soft Jasmin & Coco Milk
This is my favourite under arm, I prefer roll on deos because they don't irritate my skin, some aerosols make me really itchy and that's not a great look.

Insette Flexible hairspray
Honestly I really don't remember buying this hairspray and I don't think much thought was behind it, which shows how much I actually use hairspray. It was OK I guess, not too sticky and great hold.

BlanX Active Enamel Protection whitening toothpaste
Excellent everyday whitening toothpaste, I makes my teeth feel super clean and most importantly it works!

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