Friday, 30 November 2012

New love/ hate foundation

After a string of disastrous foundation buys I think I have finally found one that is my friend!

Like most girls foundation is the bane of my life! You're extremely lucky if you find a foundation that works for you on every level and up until a couple of days ago I thought I would never find mine. In the past week I have bought and tried two, yes two different foundations and I can tell you now I wont be buying another for quite some time!

Not so long ago I discovered the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and Fix & Perfect primer which I thought were pretty good for a reasonably priced (£8.99) make up brand. I liked the illuminating-ness of the Wake Me Up, it really did give my skin a lovely glow and it wasn't too heavy. As I ran out of pretty much everything at the end of October I was once again on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Although I liked the Wake Me Up I didn't feel any great attachment to it and was quite happy to give something else a try.

This is when my best friend said she had bought the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and absolutely loved it! I thought bingo this could be the one, there are so many different shades and the concept of how you chose the right one for you sounded pretty good to me. The idea is that you decide whether you have a fair, medium or dark skin tone, then whether you have pink or yellow undertones. I've always thought I had pink undertones to my skin as I go red very easily and I always have a slightly flushed complexion.

So I ended up with 125, I bought the foundation (£7.99) and the pressed powder (£5.99) as they were on buy one get one 1/2 price in Boots. Right from the first time I used this foundation I knew it wasn't for me, the colour match was all wrong and it just felt really cakey and thick. It never really absorbed into my skin so it felt tacky all day, and I always sweep a little over my lids to stop me looking like I have white rings around my eyes, but this foundation made me feel like I couldn't even blink! I quite liked the powder to start off with but I always use the powder to set my foundation, and even with this over the top the foundation became patchy as I touched my face. Not good!

So there I was again on the hunt for the perfect foundation, I had recently read a review by Hannah from A Little Beauty Spot on the Bobbi Brown stick foundations. She gave them a glowing review and they sounded exactly what I was looking for.

So off I popped to the Trafford Centre (as you do) and straight to the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges, I told them I had oily skin and I was looking for something long wearing and light. Initially she said the Longwearing Even Finish liquid foundation was the most suitable for me, but I was a little dubious after my last experience of liquid foundation. I let her do a colour test anyway, which ended up being a mini make over, and I quite liked it. I decided to go for it but alas they did not have my shade in that particular foundation, so I asked about the stick. Straight away the girls eyes lit up like I'd said the magic word, she was very enthusiastic about the product telling me how versatile it was, as you can build the coverage without the colour changing and going that awful orangey colour. I was sold, give me two I said, no not really not at £28 a go.

I'm really glad they didn't have the liquid foundation in my shade now as after a couple of hours wearing it I decided that although it was nice it wasn't really for me, it still felt a bit thick. The stick on the other hand is as light as air and I can build coverage in my problem areas and leave it lighter in other areas. It is a perfect match to my skin tone and I have had lots of compliments, my boss literally could not stop looking at my face, I was beginning to wonder how awful I must have looked before!

If you are looking for a new foundation and are willing to spend a little extra I would definitely get yourself down to the Bobbi Brown counter. They have something for everyone and don't be afraid of trying something new like the stick, you never know you might like it as much as I do.

Bobbi Brown bases at Harvey Nichols Manchester


  1. I might give that Bobbi Brown one a go, it sounds ace! x

    1. It's really good, I'm so pleased with it. I got the pressed powder and the moisturising gel/primer too, review coming soon.

  2. I've heard amazing things about the Bobbi Brown stick! I'm going to go give it a go:D xx


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