Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pure Beauty Awards 2012

I am very lucky that as part of my job I get to go to lovely events such as the Pure Beauty Awards, this year our brand was not only nominated in a category but also a sponsor of the awards. This meant that I had to put my Simon Cowell judging hat on to help pick the winner of the Beauty Consultant of the Year award.

For those of you who don't know, Pure Beauty is a trade magazine for the beauty industry, so it is not one you would find on your supermarket shelves. It show cases all of the latest and greatest products and services within the industry. If it sounds like something you would be interested in you can subscribe here.

The awards evening and the judging day both took place in the very swanky Savoy Hotel in London, I had never been to the Savoy before and didn't really know what to expect or what to wear. It was everything you would hope it would be and more, I was met by a top hatted doorman who smiled politely and made me feel very welcome. Then I entered the sparkling lobby that gleamed from corner to corner, that then dropped down into a tea room that looked like it had been plucked straight from a Jane Austin novel. I got a little bit lost trying to find the bar I was supposed to be in and a lovely gentleman worker showed me exactly where I needed to be. The judging took place in the Beaufort Bar, a very luxurious and ornate cocktail bar, where cocktails start at £14! Considering I am really not the sort of person who frequents somewhere like the Savoy on a regular basis I never once felt out of place, I was expecting a lot of stuck up people looking down their noses if I'm honest but there was none of that.

I was very excited about taking part in the judging and being in the Savoy Hotel was a very special experience, one I know all of the judges and contestants fully appreciated. To kick off the judging all the contestants got to stand behind the very grand cocktail bar and make their own cocktails, guided by the Savoys only female bartender. Her knowledge of the different alcohols and flavours was amazing, who knew so much thought and effort went into preparing a drink. She was obviously very passionate about cocktail making and extremely proud to be working at the Savoy. As each team came up with their own cocktail we, the judges, got to taste their efforts and mark them out of 5. I have to say although I'm not a huge fan of Champagne on its own you can give me a Champagne cocktail any day!

After drinking cocktails, having their nails done by the London College of Beauty Therapy, a lunch of sandwiches and chips (not just any old chips, Savoy chips!) and being grilled by all of us judges, it was time for the contestants to go and get glammed up whilst we deliberated over the winners to be announced later that evening.

The evening was probably one of the grandest events I have been too, other than weddings, and there were a whole host of minor celebrities there to get me all excited. As we entered the Lancaster Ballroom to find our table, it was nice to see we were quite near the front so we wouldn't miss anything. We were on a table with the lovely ladies from Ciate and St. Moriz (who I have to say were a little Ab Fab). It was a very nice surprise to find a lovely big bag of goodies on our seats too, there was all sorts of things in there from fake tan to sea salt spray for your hair.

The night was hosted by TV presenter and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Dan Lobb along with sports presenter Sarah Stone. The evening saw awards presented by TOWIE faves Lauren Goodger, who for the most part looked like she'd rather be anywhere else, and Amy Childs who seemed a lot sweeter and even picked up a Highly Commended award for her perfume I recently reviewed. Also presenting awards were celebrity hair dressers Charles Worthington, who is tiny in real life, and Lee Stafford.

All in all we had a great night at the 2012 Pure Beauty Awards, the Savoy was lovely (although the evening service a little off) and to top off a fantastic day and evening we even won a Silver award for our category! All I can say is Pure Beauty better watch out next year as we've something pretty amazing coming your way...

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