Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to School

Hello muffins

Well my little lady has reached a big mile stone this week, yesterday was her first day at school!

I can't believe that my baby is all grown up and at 'big' school, she has attended nursery from a very young age so she is more than used to being in that sort of environment away from her dearest Mummy. So it was me that was nervous about the big day and had a restless nights sleep rather than her, which I suspect is the same for most Mum's when their kids start school.

I'll be honest the thing that's hit us the hardest has been the morning routines, before when they were at nursery there was no need to worry about giving them a healthy breakfast as that was all taken care of, which meant a few extra minutes in bed. Now we're up at the crack of dawn to make sure everyone is fed, watered, clean and clothes on the right way round (which is far more difficult than you would imagine)!

When I got home from work I was all excited ready to hear about her first day and I received a less than enthusiastic reply to my questions, obviously the day must have gone by in an overwhelming blur for her as she couldn't remember one details about the day, other than she ate her packed lunch and a boy told her she wasn't allowed sausage rolls (which for the Big One is heartbreaking news). As a working parent I do feel guilty about not being able to be there to pick her up when she finishes school and talk to her about her day, but luckily her Daddy could pick her up yesterday and we can put off the after school club until next week. I try not feel guilty about having to work as I only do it so that we can provide for her and give her the life she deserves, but I can't help feel a little pang of guilt when I drop her off at breakfast club with all the bigger kids.

As a special treat we let the Big One pick where we went for tea (or dinner if your south of Manchester), and where did she pick...McDonald's! Of all the places we could have gone she chose the McDonald's, oh well as she quite rightly put it, 'am I choosing or not? Well I choose McDonald's' couldn't argue with that!

Well she's already hit us with the 'I don't want to go to school' line this morning, which I didn't expect to hear until at least next week. I am hoping for a little more detail out of her today as she begins to settle in and make new friends.

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Very Proud Mummy :-)

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