Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A not so happy birthday...

Well this week I have had what could quite possibly be the worst the birthday ever! As if turning 29 wasn't bad enough my beloved little dog Oscar died too :(

Our poor little pooch was only 6 years old and in the prime of his life, he had been our first baby and he really got us prepared for when the real babies came along. He was always there with his tail wagging in excitement when we walked through the door after a hard days work, making the day get that little bit better. The kids loved him and he eventually came to love them too, although he was a little jealous at first as like I said he was our baby.

The whole thing just came as a real shock as one day he was there fine and the next he was gone...

Our lovely little 4 year old daughter, V, came into our bedroom yesterday morning and said 'Mummy are you and Daddy still sad about Oscar?', my heart melted on the spot! We thought we had managed to shield the girls from what had happened but it's times like this that you realise how intuitive kids can be. We have told them that the vet thought Oscar was the best dog he had met so he deserved a special treat and he has let him go and live with some other doggies, where he will have the best time EVER! This sad time has presented us with our first real dilemma as to where you draw the line when telling the children what's happening. We decided to a little white lie was better than the truth on this occasion.

RIP Oscar

Well you think it couldn't actually get any worse wouldn't you, not the case. After a difficult morning at work I received a phone call from the 'Little One's' nursery, 'L has had an accident and bumped her head, can you come and take her to get checked out at the hospital?'. Arrrgghhh!!! So after L spending 4 hours running around A & E with obviously nothing wrong with her we could finally go home. But we couldn't really face going home so we went to Pizza Hut instead, which as always was more stress than it was worth. Does anyone else find that as soon as they walk through the door at Pizza Hut the kids suddenly turn into animals?

Just to make a bad birthday even worse my hubby had gone to the effort (a rarity in itself) to stalk my Twitter account to see if I had mentioned anything on there that I would like, he came across bespoke jewellery company Four Beautiful Keys and ordered me one of their handmade necklaces. I thought wow I can't believe it what a lovely surprise, only for him to then go on and say it hadn't arrived! It's been 3 days and I'm still waiting...
Just about sums up this years birthday

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