Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Skin Care...Simples!

So a few weeks back I wrote a post about my non existent skin care regime and vowed I would change my far too low maintenance ways and try out some products.

Recently I have spent a lot of time flicking through fashion and beauty magazines, purely for work purposes of course, and I kept seeing the same few products cropping up over and over again. So I thought I'd give them a try...

These were Simple Moisturising Facial Wash, Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes.

This is a really creamy face wash apposed to the more gel like facial washes and feels really nice to use, it didn't give me that fresh face feeling that I was used to from the Clinique facial wash but I did feel clean. I have noticed a difference in the balance of my skin and I do feel that my skin is less oily than it was. Previously by about mid day I could feel that my skin was becoming oily and it didn't feel particularly nice to touch. With this product I have found that my skin stays oil free for most of the day. I would give this product a 4/5 as I like that instant fresh tingly feeling after use and didn't quite get that.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - £3.79 (Boots)
I was really happy with this moisturiser, before now I have not been a regular user of moisturiser and the ones I have used have not convinced me to keep it up. However this one was a nice surprise, the first time I used it I did not expect it to be as hydrating as it was and put quite a bit on. This meant that it took ages to soak into my skin and I felt quite sticky for a while, you really do only need a small amount with this product as it spreads really evenly and a little goes a long way! Once you get the amount right it soaks into the skin really quickly meaning you don't have to wait a long time before putting your make up on, which is a bonus as I am always running late.I would give this product 5/5 as I feel it did exactly what is said on the tin!

Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes - £3.85 (Boots)
This is the product I had the highest hopes for as if you have read my previous post you will know that spots are a real issue for me. The product claims to give results from day 1, I wouldn't go so far as to say I saw immediate results but I have noticed a difference. I used to get clusters of pimples as well as the larger yucky looking spots, I have found since using this product I don't get the small pimples so much anymore which makes my skin look and feel a lot clearer. I am still getting the odd larger spot but I didn't expect that to change over night as I know there are many other things that contribute to spots. These wipes are great for removing make up and say they even remove waterproof mascara, I don't use waterproof so I can't tell you if this is true or not but they definitely work well on the normal stuff. If I had one wish it would be that they were a little wetter as after a particularly long day it would be nice to get a little more use out of one sheet. So I would give these wipes a 3.5/5, I was happy but not convinced.

As I was not completely convinced I don't think my serach is over. To be continued...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A not so happy birthday...

Well this week I have had what could quite possibly be the worst the birthday ever! As if turning 29 wasn't bad enough my beloved little dog Oscar died too :(

Our poor little pooch was only 6 years old and in the prime of his life, he had been our first baby and he really got us prepared for when the real babies came along. He was always there with his tail wagging in excitement when we walked through the door after a hard days work, making the day get that little bit better. The kids loved him and he eventually came to love them too, although he was a little jealous at first as like I said he was our baby.

The whole thing just came as a real shock as one day he was there fine and the next he was gone...

Our lovely little 4 year old daughter, V, came into our bedroom yesterday morning and said 'Mummy are you and Daddy still sad about Oscar?', my heart melted on the spot! We thought we had managed to shield the girls from what had happened but it's times like this that you realise how intuitive kids can be. We have told them that the vet thought Oscar was the best dog he had met so he deserved a special treat and he has let him go and live with some other doggies, where he will have the best time EVER! This sad time has presented us with our first real dilemma as to where you draw the line when telling the children what's happening. We decided to a little white lie was better than the truth on this occasion.

RIP Oscar

Well you think it couldn't actually get any worse wouldn't you, not the case. After a difficult morning at work I received a phone call from the 'Little One's' nursery, 'L has had an accident and bumped her head, can you come and take her to get checked out at the hospital?'. Arrrgghhh!!! So after L spending 4 hours running around A & E with obviously nothing wrong with her we could finally go home. But we couldn't really face going home so we went to Pizza Hut instead, which as always was more stress than it was worth. Does anyone else find that as soon as they walk through the door at Pizza Hut the kids suddenly turn into animals?

Just to make a bad birthday even worse my hubby had gone to the effort (a rarity in itself) to stalk my Twitter account to see if I had mentioned anything on there that I would like, he came across bespoke jewellery company Four Beautiful Keys and ordered me one of their handmade necklaces. I thought wow I can't believe it what a lovely surprise, only for him to then go on and say it hadn't arrived! It's been 3 days and I'm still waiting...
Just about sums up this years birthday

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to School

Hello muffins

Well my little lady has reached a big mile stone this week, yesterday was her first day at school!

I can't believe that my baby is all grown up and at 'big' school, she has attended nursery from a very young age so she is more than used to being in that sort of environment away from her dearest Mummy. So it was me that was nervous about the big day and had a restless nights sleep rather than her, which I suspect is the same for most Mum's when their kids start school.

I'll be honest the thing that's hit us the hardest has been the morning routines, before when they were at nursery there was no need to worry about giving them a healthy breakfast as that was all taken care of, which meant a few extra minutes in bed. Now we're up at the crack of dawn to make sure everyone is fed, watered, clean and clothes on the right way round (which is far more difficult than you would imagine)!

When I got home from work I was all excited ready to hear about her first day and I received a less than enthusiastic reply to my questions, obviously the day must have gone by in an overwhelming blur for her as she couldn't remember one details about the day, other than she ate her packed lunch and a boy told her she wasn't allowed sausage rolls (which for the Big One is heartbreaking news). As a working parent I do feel guilty about not being able to be there to pick her up when she finishes school and talk to her about her day, but luckily her Daddy could pick her up yesterday and we can put off the after school club until next week. I try not feel guilty about having to work as I only do it so that we can provide for her and give her the life she deserves, but I can't help feel a little pang of guilt when I drop her off at breakfast club with all the bigger kids.

As a special treat we let the Big One pick where we went for tea (or dinner if your south of Manchester), and where did she pick...McDonald's! Of all the places we could have gone she chose the McDonald's, oh well as she quite rightly put it, 'am I choosing or not? Well I choose McDonald's' couldn't argue with that!

Well she's already hit us with the 'I don't want to go to school' line this morning, which I didn't expect to hear until at least next week. I am hoping for a little more detail out of her today as she begins to settle in and make new friends.

Thanks for reading

Very Proud Mummy :-)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The skin your in...

Ok I don't know about you but when it comes to a skin care routine it's something I know I should pay more attention to but in reality I just don't have the time with 2 kid's and a husband frantically running around the house in the morning. Then when it comes to bedtime I'm just far too tired to start messing around with potions and lotions.

However I am now in my late 20's and still getting teenage acne so I have decided it is time to make time for my precious skin, although I don't want to look like an old hag I also don't want to look like a teenage girl. I am quite lucky in that people always think I am a lot younger than I am, to the point where I even got asked for ID at V Festival! I don't think my spots really help matters and it seems I am getting a lot more of them recently.

So as I am more than a little in-experienced in this area I am looking to any readers that might come across my blog to give me a helping hand and point me in the direction of some good products to use. I am currently washing with Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, this was bought for me as a set along with the Clarifying Lotion 3, which until last night had not been touched. I like the facial wash in so much that I feel clean after using it but that's about it, the Clarifying Lotion I felt was a little too harsh for my skin. It seemed to have a lot of alcohol in it and it felt and smelt more like I was putting nail varnish remover on my face so I probably wont use that again.

After rinsing with cold water (which probably defeated the object of using it) I then applied a face mask of Sudocrem, which I slept in. When I have done this before I have definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, it always makes it feel a lot smoother, however I feel like my movement is restricted when I go to sleep because I don't want to get it all over my pillow.

So here it is, I put it to you to help me out with this one. I would say I have fairly oily skin and even when I use make up products that don't contain oil or are specially for oily complexions I still find my T zone becomes oily before midday. I would really appreciate it if any of you lovely readers that have so kindly sat and read my plea could give me some advice when it comes to skin care. What do I need to be doing and with what products? Over the coming months I will be testing out some products until I find the right one for me, and I will be reporting back on my findings. So if like me you are a little clueless about what you should be using keep popping back and we might be able to figure this thing out together!

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