Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Egg Zone...

Hello all you little Easter chicks

It's that time of year again where the house gets taken over by chocolate eggs and the children, far too many for children to consume in one weekend. So I thought I would hunt down the best alternatives to the traditional chocolate egg and give the children a bit of variety and hopefully not too many rotten teeth.

I found some great ideas for things to do with the kids because it is nice to use the long weekend to spend time as a family and do things that maybe you don;t usually have time to do. There are also some great gift ideas that you can get the children in replacement for the egg.

Dipped Rice Krispie Treats
Whilst browsing Pinterest (my new obsession) I have found some great ideas and the dipped rice krispie treats are by far one of the most fun and simple to do. All you need is egg shaped moulds, which you can get from most supermarket around Easter time, rice krispies, mini marshmallows and butter. They are cheap and really simple to make, a perfect activity for the kids to join in with as they don't make too much mess and really fun to decorate.

For all the details and recipe click here.

Hopping Mad
If you are looking to stay clear of sweets and chocolate all together then supermarkets have got some great offers on.

Waitrose have got these really cute wind up Easter bunnies and chick's for only £3.75, they are a cute and fun alternative that kids will love. Sainsbury's have also got some really cute gift ideas, my friend bought my 18mth old daughter a fluffy chick that sits in your palm and tweets (for around £2), she absolutely loves it. It's not so fluffy anymore as she has been inseparable from it and so it is black and a bit sticky now. All the supermarkets are packed with Easter craft ideas so go down and take a look.

Going on an egg hunt
Why not use the Easter weekend to get out and about with the kids, and go on an egg hunt? If the weather isn't great don't let that spoil it, get your wellies and your rain coats on and get outdoors. I find that if it is raining (and you are fully prepared) then it all adds to the fun of the day.

The National Trust has teamed up with Cadbury again this year and are hosting egg trails all over the country. They were lots of fun last year and I am looking forward to going again this year, the kids absolutely loved it, the anticipation of finding the next egg was just too much excitement for them. If you opt for a location that is marked with a rosette, as these offer extra activities such as face painting and lots of outdoor fun and games. To find your nearest trail click here.

If you're doing a trail why not make your own basket using a plastic plant pot and lots of glue and sparkly things. My kids love making anything that they can use like bags and hats, it gives them a sense of pride and achievement and I love to see their little faces light up when they carry it around so proud.

Well whatever you get up to this Easter weekend I hope you all have a good one xxx

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