Wednesday, 28 March 2012

You Know Christmas is Over When...

You know Christmas is definitely over when you your New Years Eve plans are stressing you out and you can't wait to get that god damn tree down (the tree you've been looking forward to putting up since July)!

Why do we allow ourselves to get caught up in the New Year hype? Every year is the same, we go crazy making plans and asking everyone "what are you doing for New Year?" just in case you are missing out on some amazing party plans, and everyone has the same answer, " don't know, what are you doing?". Then just like every year, you go mad getting the perfect outfit for these plans you haven't actually made, and then every year something goes wrong and it's a total wash out. Leaving you with an outfit that is totally impractically and will never be worn.

When will we ever learn that New Years Eve is nothing but hype and high expectations. Too much pressure is put on this one night to make it that best of the year, why do we place so much emphasis on this night setting the presidente for the rest of the year. Which is ridiculous as one night can not possible set the scene for the next 365 nights of the year.

When you have kids New Years Eve becomes an even bigger stress as on a normal night finding a babysitter is hard enough but on New Years Eve it's near impossible. Those Grandparents, who for the rest of the year are more than willing, suddenly become the party animals they used to be and look like you've just let your little one poop on their rug when you ask them to babysit on New Years Eve. Which leaves you with the options of staying in, asking the local teenager who may or may not throw their own party in your house and then charge you for the privilege, or option three, take your little ones to your childless friends party where they will most likely check through the peep-hole who is at the door see your children and then proceed to not answer, not matter how many times you ring that door bell. There is nothing like a party killer than two crazy toddlers high on sugar and sleep deprivation.

So once again we are left, the day before New Years Eve with plans that have been shattered, a dress that will never be worn and an argument waiting to happen if we decide to stay in. The inevitable argument that brews out of boredom and is obviously the others fault, which will result in spending the whole of New Years day in a sulk and barely speaking to one another. Oh the joys, I just can't wait.

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